About Us

We're Reason

Back when we started, we called ourselves Uprise because we saw an opportunity to rise up and do things differently. Since then, our industry (and the world) has changed a lot. But our reason has always remained the same. In fact, it’s become so fundamental to the way we do things that we rose up and became Reason.

You may have noticed the backwards Ǝ in our logo? Technically speaking, the backwards Ǝ is used to quantify proof stating how many instances of a variable satisfy a sentence. But for us, we think it represents the logic and reasoning behind everything we do. Reason is where science and marketing collide.

The dream team

We know our team is what drives our hunt for the edge, so we’re obsessed with finding the best people and keeping them.

When you choose to work with Reason, what you see is what you get. The people you meet on day one will be your go-to team. We don’t do pitch teams, and we don’t have a bloated Client Service department. At Reason, we’re all strategic digital marketing experts.

Lior Kitain

Media Performance Lead

Phoebe Prescott

Head of Client Service & Operations

Saskia Owens

Performance Specialist

Kasun Dantanarayana

Performance Specialist

Chloe Narain

B2B Strategist

Rahul Singh

Web Analytics Specialist

Tim Pointer

Co-founder & CEO

Ria Parish

Senior SEO Specialist

Chris Pointer

Head of Web Performance & Content

Florence Fox

Marketing Coordinator

Claire Cai

Senior Strategist & Data Insights Specialist

John Mahony

Project Manager – Data & Analytics

Anna Morris

Executive Assistant & Business Support Manager

Mint Opassathavorn

Senior Client Service

Jordan Malthus

Senior Client Service

Hannah Carr

Content Lead

Tomek Bielanski

Senior Strategist and Data Insight Consultant

Matt Rowe

Co-founder & Managing Director – Auckland

Liam Kilmister

Content Strategist

Caitlin Grover

Content Lead

Sophie Turner

Senior Performance Specialist

Jake Scarf

Media Performance Lead

Shara Lumangtad

Office Coordinator - Auckland

Sam Harris

Business Director

Courtney Wright

Business Director

Briar Heer

Client Service

Matt Currie

Head of Media

Mark McKenzie

Head of Analytics & Data

Felix Wong

Business Director

Ruby Stafford-Bush

Senior Client Service

Irene Lin

Finance Manager

Jack Liu

Performance Specialist

Larissa van Hoeijen

Senior Client Service

Peter de Boer

People Coach

Katie Ferguson

Content Strategist

Alicia Harris

Office Experience Coordinator - Wellington

Anju Sebastian

Web Analytics Specialist

Ruth Gomez

Finance Assistant

Yasmin Shakes

Performance Specialist

Jarryd Rautenbach

Martech Lead

Madi Trevella

Senior Client Service

Savannah Luca

Content Creator

Bella Cordwell

Performance Specialist

Dulan Perera

Performance Specialist


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