Integrating AI Solutions into the Account Management Team

December 18, 2023

In the evolving landscape of account management, efficiency and innovation are key. TimeOS, an AI-driven tool, is at the forefront of this change, enhancing the way account teams manage their time and resources.

The Impact of AI on Time Management & Efficiency

In September 2023, Reason decided to trial the adoption of the TimeOS Notetaker in order to test if this could help to create efficiencies within the account management team.  This was in the hope of giving back time to the team to spend on higher value tasks such as hunting for good opportunities for their clients to grow.  There has been a significant impact to the business from this test and as a result, Reason has introduced the tool as a permanent solution.

Traditionally, account managers had dedicated a substantial portion of their week to writing post-WIP notes to ensure actions were captured and completed. On average, an account manager was spending 4 hours per week writing post-WIP notes, however with the introduction of TimeOS Notetaker, this cut the time in half to only 2 hours per week.  Overall, across the account management team, this created time efficiencies of 10 hours per week, which enabled the team to divert their focus to higher-value tasks. 

Reason has seen this is a strong opportunity to increase our clients satisfaction and business growth. 

The Functionality of TimeOS Notetaker

Notetaker attends meetings by invite and tracks questions and actions from person to person.  Our account managers then receive a meeting summary after their calls that breaks down all actions & delegates these to the person responsible to do the work.  This ensures a streamlined process where captured actions are promptly communicated back to the team at the end of the meeting.

The tool also has a chat function that can be used to ask any additional questions to get further context that they may have missed during meetings, for example if they missed a deadline, the TimeOS notetaker would have captured this & account managers can ask it to provide this detail.  Furthermore, a new beta feature within TimeOS  is the recording of the session itself, meaning sessions can be sent to others after to watch if they’re unable to attend the meeting.

Some additional benefits of the use of TimeOS notetaker include:

  • Automating repetitive processes and reducing human error.
  • Enhancing collaboration within meetings - ability to be more present in discussion rather than focusing on note taking.
  • Potential to integrate TimeOS into other tools e.g Slack and

Our Verdict

The adoption of TimeOS Notetaker in Reason’s account management team has led to significant time savings and has enabled us to evolve the way that we operate as a business, making us more efficient overall, and giving us the ability to divert mundane tasks and focus on more valuable outputs for our clients. 

As a business, we continue to seek out AI solutions that help us to increase efficiency and add value, and this test was a great example of a success here!

Written by:

Ruby Stafford-Bush

Senior Account Manager
at Reason

Kirsten McLaughlin

Senior Account Manager
at Reason

Written by the team at Reason.

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