Introduction to the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

May 13, 2024

In an effort to reshape the digital landscape, the European Union is introducing the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in early March 2024. This groundbreaking legislation aims to break down the monopolistic barriers erected by large online platforms, which have been acting as gatekeepers in the digital markets.

The Impact of DMA Across the Globe

The DMA is not just a European affair; its implications are set to affect the global digital market. It seeks to enhance user access to diverse platforms, challenging the status quo where platforms like Twitter could limit the sharing of links from competitors such as Instagram. This legislation marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of a more open and accessible digital environment.

Google's Privacy Sandbox: A Controversial Solution

Google's Privacy Sandbox has stirred significant debate within the digital community. Designed as an alternative to third-party cookies, it has been criticised for its complexity and uncertain future. Concerns have also been raised about Google's potential to prioritise its products within this new system. Adjustments have been made in response to feedback, including the postponement of certain features and the introduction of exemptions for third-party cookie depreciation in Chrome.

Navigating the Post-Third-Party Cookie Era

As the digital advertising world moves away from reliance on third-party cookies, businesses are urged to adopt new strategies. Emphasising first-party data, exploring server-side tagging, and shifting towards contextual advertising are among the recommended approaches. These changes are crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive and adaptable in the evolving digital landscape.

Mandatory Consent Mode: Empowering User Privacy

Starting March 2024,  GA4’s consent mode will become a mandatory feature for users of Google Analytics. 

This tool represents another step towards enhancing user privacy online, allowing website owners to manage the collection and sharing of user data with Google more transparently and responsibly.

Preparing for the Future

The introduction of the DMA and the evolving online privacy regulations underscore the importance of staying informed and flexible. As the digital world continues to change, understanding and preparing for the impacts of these developments is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in the global digital marketing arena.

Written by:

Tomek Bielanski

Head of Data and Analytics
at Reason

Written by the team at Reason.

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